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South Wales 100

South Wales 100Race Report

It’s eleven o’clock at night, and I’ve been on the go for 28 hours, but it being just past mid-summers day it’s still surprisingly light. I pause to admire an owl hovering over the next field, its flat face silhouetted in the dusk (or possibly moonlight) and marvel in the rarity of such an occurrence. Where else other than an overnight ultra race (or two nights in this case) would you ever see such a thing?

24 Hour Races

I have put together a list of 24 hour races for next year 2015.

I predict these type of races will become more and more popular, particularly as CLUB WEEKENDS AWAY!

Plans for 2012

OK so I decided for no particular reason that I would run at least 1 marathon (or ultra) every month for 2012.

Here's how I got on:

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